Grow LEDs


LED illumination for indoor plants is a modern and energy saving alternative, or supplement, to traditional artificial plantlight - with many advantages. LED grow lamps not only have an extraordinary long lifespan, they are very efficient, cause no heat problems and are robust. They do not contain substances hazardous for the environment or health, and therefore eliminate resulting risks. Since all plants are absorbing especially red and blue light during photosynthesis, LED grow lamps focus on these colours.

 To achieve maximum efficiency, the light-emission peaks of the LED plantlights are supposed to match the light-absorption peaks of plants. The absorption of other light colours other then red and blue is almost irrelevant for plants.

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Sonnenersatz is a LED grow light with a full spectrum. With this plantlight you can grow plants in barely illuminated, or even completely dark rooms. This LED grow lamp supplies your indoor plants very well with light for growing. It's relatively high amount of blue light makes your plants grow dense and bushy.

Lichtregen is a LED grow lamp emitting only blue light, with a wavelength around 440 nanometers. This plantlight stimulates plants to grow short internodes. Therefore grow LED Lichtregen is a brilliant addition to sunlight or lightsources emitting a lot of red light, like HPS- or energysaving-lamps.

Blühwunder is a LED grow light emitting only red light, with a wavelength around 660 nanometers. Red light is being the colour used most by plants in photosynthesis. Furthermore red light stimulates intense flowering and budding.Add grow LED Blühwunder to other lightsources for best cover of your plants demand of red light.

Ambiente is a very bright LED lightsource for a decorative illumination of your plants indoors. Available in colours: Neutral White (4100 k) and Warm White (2850 k)