Grow LED Sonnenersatz

High quality CNC machined, aluminium bodies give these LED plantlights (E27) their special, futuristic aesthetic, as much as their durability. Equipped with state of the art 1 Watt high power LEDs (ca.50 000 hours lifespan) these LED growlights are with a total power consumption of just 7 Watts super energy saving and extremely efficient.


LED plantlight with a complete spectrum for the whole colour range of photosynthesis. You can use grow LED Sonnenersatz as sole lightsource for your plants. With LED Sonnenersatz, your darkest corners, windowless or barely illuminated, or even completely dark rooms turn into green oases. Other Lightsources are no longer necessary. A single Sonnenersatz supplies an area of around 0.5m x 0,5m at about 70 cm distance already very well with light for growing.

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Full spectrum

Grow led lamp.

Seven 1-Watt high-power LEDs in colours: 1 x Royalblue (440nm), 2 x Neutral-white (4100k), and 4 x Hyper-red. Durable aluminium coolingbody. 85-264V AC~. E27 socket. No power converter required.

The lamps frontside diameter is 9,5 cm.

The lamps are 9,8 cm high.

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Price : 59.00 EUR    (included VAT: 9.42 EUR)