Notes for plantgrowing with LEDs

Due to their origin the light demands of various indoor plants are very different.Orchids for example need much light, like cactii and succulent plants, as well as mediterranean flowering plants. Houseplants like Chamaedorea or indoor ferns are more modest.

An important factor besides the light is temperature. Between both exists an interaction. At higher room temperature plants grow faster, but need more light at the same time. Therefore, warm places with little light are very impractical. Conversely, plants in cooler places usually need less light. Different individual demands of the plant must be considered with regard to this.

Many seedlings and cuttings develop quite bad at temperatures lower than 20°C with grow LEDs. Mature plants tend to be much more resistant to lower temperatures.

Furthermore all plants need much more deep red, than blue light, for optimal photosynthesis. Depending on plant and stage of development, plants may absorb 5 to 10 times more red then blue light. Red light also stimulates flowering and budding. Blue light has a controlling effect on lengthgrowth of the internodes and influences growth direction.